Custom Glasses

Those Glasses were invented to improve the way of interacting with people. By a psychological effect we are having prejudices caused via the shape of the face.

With a deep interview I wanted to find out with what kind of problems my customers are confronted. For example showing more potential to the others was just one of many points I hoped to solve. Also, detecting that, in interactions, people sometimes are not possible to show emotions properly, because the opposite one can misinterpret them was the kick off for this project.

A lot of research about face-psychology, mimic behaviour and personality education was necessary to build the best possible result.

Bus - Stop

Stefan Richter, Daniel Gradwohl and me designed this bus stop for a village, called Zeillern, in Austria. So we started to ask the people, who are living there what they value the most for this project. We found out that almost everyone wanted to show modernism and having a proper shelter for the schoolchildren waiting there for the transport. 

This result was our solution for those needs. Focusing on renewable energy, having it cosy in winter, while be able to sit outside during the summer and fitting the building directly to the environment brought us to this concept. The shape itself is respecting every villager from youngsters to oldsters.


This stool was created during my university time. We experimented to work with plastic-extrusion-techniques. By surrounding a preform with the material, shaping the platform on the top in the wood workshop and using the hand extruder to make sure its stiff enough to sit on. 

Because the cap is replaceable, its also possible to stow things you do not need every day

Six - Bag

The so called Six-Bag was created by Mario Marx and me. It is designed for presenting the beer directly at the place of socializing.

By folding up like a book it will help as an icebreaker at the conversation and expand the marketing from the place of sell via word of mouth to the consumer. Further more, by laser cutting and the possibility to use sustainable materials it will not just be a low-cost solution, rather it can be a comfortable way to carry the drinks such as giving an ecological statement as a company.


T - Pot

Inspired by the Turkish way of preparing tea and combined with a modern styled shape. The base is for boiling water via a copper-plate, while the upper part is heated by the water steam and for using the herbs inside over and over.

Now serving the drink in two steps. First pour the tea inside the cup. Afterward the boiling water has to be added.

By the way! It is also possible with very fine grinded coffee.


Content is coming soon!

Water - Tent

This concept was inspired by moss leaves. By a closer look to the structure, a hexagonal shape appears. In that case it is the best solution for a liquid transportation system, seen as like as in muscle fibres. In combination with a fine mesh tightened over the tent it shall be possible to get water out of the air by condensation. The collected water drips down the hexagonal construction to refill the stocks at the corners. People in need will use it as a shadow- and water-source.

Mono - Bike

As my Diploma-Project I constructed with my colleagues this unique Mono-Bike. Invented as a new way of mobility and a cruising-experience through the streets. The reason for using wood as our main material was to use as much renewable resources as possible. A side effect of this is the better bump absorption in relation to metal. By using the motor driven brake, the electricity is charging back to the battery.

By the way! We built this vehicle in reality and reached around 25km/h. Steering around a corner is possible by leaning on one side.

Abstracted Muscle

Content is coming soon!


Content is coming soon!

Bachelor - Thesis

My path brought me to study manual and material culture in St.Pölten on the New Design University. Here I learned craft practice and conceptual design in a creative context.

During the three years in this study my horizon of interest began to broaden. Art, climate change, society were and are topics with which I am now increasingly concerned. This also resulted in my theoretical bachelor thesis, which analysed, whether the contact between humans and natural materials and forms can enhance well-being.

The use of biophilia as a well-being enhancing decision in design:
Investigating how natural / ecological environments and a nature-inspiring design language can create well-being in humans.

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